From the combined efforts of California's most prominent up and coming hardcore bands comes ABOVE THIS WORLD. Featuring members of Hoods, Sworn Vengeance, and Powerhouse, ATW exemplifies the street-wise metal-core of all three bands. ATW has appeared on a three way split CD with Hoods and Dysphoria and a split CD with Scheme. They endured a full U.S. Tour in 2000, along with some Canadian dates as well. They have held their own sharing the stage with such notable metalcore acts as Hatebreed, Buried Alive, Candiria, and All Out War.

"End of Days" is a thunderous assault of tough, urban, apocalyptic metalcore. Mike Hoods' vocals fluidly adapt to various styles, as the emotional need of the song dictates, to create a vocal effort that is multi-dimensional without coming off as contrived. Musically, ATW traverses from brutal metallic onslaughts to tightly structured hardcore, rounded out with doses of two-steppin' punk rock. Above This World have stepped up and are ready for the end to come.