Awkward Thought

NY's AWKWARD THOUGHT have held steadfast in the scene for years with their fast brand of hardcore/punk and their introspective, thought-provoking lyrical approach. AT has completed several tours and has aligned themselves strongly with the hardcore circuit from which they were spawned, as well as the identifying themselves with the punk and metal scenes to which they share many commonalties. AT is one of those bands that attracts all types of kids under the banner of high-octane hardcore/punk with a furious message.

With "Ruin A Good Time" the band comes into the fullness of their potential by seamlessly blending elements of hardcore, punk, and Oi into an undeniably infectious stew of kick-ass sounds. AWKWARD THOUGHT invites you in on their mission to ruin a good time -- and have one at the same time.

"... they just plain move through their songs with the subtlety of a tank through a minefield; heavy, driving rhythm, hardcore punk with a rockin' sense..."