Brain Failure

BRAIN FAILURE is one of the only tried and true punk bands to survive and make it out of Beijing, China. Having formed in high school, the band has been crafting their street punk anthems for years. After many demos and smaller releases the band has now made it out of China, most notably, by catching the ear and winning the support of Ken Casey of DROPKICK MURPHYS. Ken has taken these guys under his wing and has gotten them on the EPITAPH "Give Em The Boot Volume 4" compilation, taken them on tour in Japan with DROPKICK MURPHYS, and produced their newest record, "American Dreamer" (which also features guest vocals by Mark of THE UNSEEN).

Forwarding a musical agenda of classic punk, BRAIN FAILURE will appeal to fans of RANCID, THE CLASH, and STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Catchy choruses, strong mid-paced punk rock riffs, and impeccable style and musicianship make BRAIN FAILURE a band that rivals any in today's U.S. punk scene.