Long before the pants got baggy and rap was fused with hardcore, New York City's BREAKDOWN was exemplifying the raw, pure roots of hardcore with their unique street-style sound. Led by the never-timid Jeff Perlin on vocals and the steadfast Mike Dijan on guitar, BREAKDOWN have been delivering hard-nosed hardcore to those who can handle it for over a decade.

For a new millennium comes a new record, and BREAKDOWN have weathered the bumps and bruises of life with integrity. With the addition of A.J. Novello (LEEWAY, BOTH WORLDS) on second guitar, BREAKDOWN has sharpened their style in a definitive manner. Fall 2000 gave birth to the pinnacle BREAKDOWN record featuring their most mature and scintillating recording ever. Basked in a blue-collar backdrop, seasoned with hints of Oi!, flame-broiled with traditional hardcore, and marinated with progressive punk, "Battle Hymns for an Angry Planet" will envelope the palate of any avid hardcore/punk junkie.

Lyricist Jeff Perlin is known for constructing lyrics poised from a personal perspective. While the new songs surely reflect Jeff's personal disposition, Jeff decided to make a conscious effort on this record to focus more steadily on issues that extend beyond his own reach. Thematically, the new record assaults world issues from a moral standpoint and illuminates some of the perils of our modern world. With guest vocals from longtime friend and hardcore icon Roger Miret (AGNOSTIC FRONT), Battle Hymns... will undeniably be a classic.