Clenched Fist

Who'd of ever thought that one of the most compact, solid, hard-hitting hardcore bands would reside below the mason dixon line in the same state that raised Elvis? ...Welcome CLENCHED FIST, the south's answer to MADBALL meets NEGATIVE APPROACH. CLENCHED FIST have been toiling in the underground scene for years now and have managed to tour extensively with a relentlessly driven work ethic. The band had shared the stage with many staples of the scene such as Madball, Hatebreed, Death Threat, and tons more as they labored from city to city getting their music out to those who needed it.

After a successful split release with Canada's DAY OF MOURNING, the band will now see the fruits of their labors with the release of their debut full length release, "Welcome To Memphis". CLENCHED FIST storm and stomp through track after track of unrelenting raw hardcore that combines the late eighties fast hardcore style of Negative Approach with the metallic hardcore crunch perfected by Madball. With a bonus track in which the band covers the classic song "Street Kids" by STARS AND STRIPES, the band leaves an indelible fist-print left from this sonically crushing, tight Tennessee punch. CLENCHED FIST verify the rumor that Memphis is a rowdy town indeed...