Crash and Burn

As if the city of Boston wasn't busy enough churning out great hardcore and punk acts with ease, here comes yet another - CRASH AND BURN. CRASH AND BURN play cut-throat, balls-out, rock-infused hardcore punk ala MOTORHEAD meets ZEKE. The band has garnered the respect of the Boston scene countless times over the years and have won several awards for "Best Punk Act" with the Boston Phoenix and other fine publications.

CRASH AND BURN has found themselves playing heavily with bands such as THE UNSEEN, ZEKE, WEEDEATER, and even BAD WIZARD. Their ability to win over various crowds due to the raw punk and rock elements of their music and message has garnered them fans from many genres punk, rock, stoner, metal, etc.

The band has a solid tour history and ethic and have traversed through many adverse trials and tribulations trying to spread their rock n roll gospel. Crash And Burn has survived both an engine fire and an accident that destroyed their van and gear leaving them stranded in Montana having to sell the rest of their equipment to get back home. This dedication also bleeds into the result of their live show. A hardworking band in all respects, lead singer and guitarist Billy Brown has on one occasion finished through a tour with two broken ribs, and on another weathered an unpleasant visit to the E.R. in Baltimore at 3 AM.

Clear the path for CRASH AND BURN to blaze through it in 2005. The band will be heading into the famed OUTPOST studios in Boston in January 2005 with producer Jim Seigel at the helm. Buddha of BLOOD FOR BLOOD and Mark of THE UNSEEN will both be making guest vocal appearances on the record. Their debut THORP RECORDS full length will hit the streets sometime spring 2005.

Crash And Burn is...
Billy Brown - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Phil "Valentine" Goldenberg - Lead Guitar
Brendan Jones - Drums
Joe Packard - Bass