Deluge was a hardcore band based in the Netherlands. They managed to create a unique sound with energetic and heavy guitar-riffs, which are in perfect harmony with the melodic piano-parts. The fast but steady rythm section is the base of passionate hardcore in the vein of Stretch Armstrong, Shai hulud and Snapcase. Provoking songs strengthened by personal and socially aware lyrics are coloring the intensive live shows of this band, which is became  well known in Europe. The band have torn their way through the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany as well as sharing the stage with bands like Poison the well (USA), The Zoli Band, Darkest hour, Stampin Ground (UK), Liar (BEL), Do or Die (BEL), Waterdown (GER), L'esprit du Clan (FR), Backfire, Born from Pain, Face Tomorrow and many more.

Although now defunct, Deluge made an impact in the U.S. and Canada with their split release with Detroit's FORDIRELIFESAKE on THORP RECORDS in 2003.

Auke - vocals
Simon - guitar, vocals
Bart - guitar, keyboards
Tobias - bass
Taco - drums