Diehard Youth

CA's DIEHARD YOUTH have been spreading their ŤPositive, but PissedÓ brand of inspiring melodic posi-core all over the west coast since '99. Playing continuously with such bands as KILL YOUR IDOLS, IN CONTROL, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, CARRY ON, OVER MY DEAD BODY, CHAMPION, HOODS, BANE, COUNT ME OUT, and tons more, DIEHARD YOUTH have garnered respect and made friends with people in the scene nationwide. After being featured on various comps and splits, including the TOO LEGIT FOR THE PIT comp released by RADICAL RECORDS, on which they cover YOUNG MC'S ŤBust A MoveÓ, DIEHARD YOUTH finally gets the support they deserve by signing with THORP RECS.

DIEHARD YOUTH take their influences from the likes of UNIFORM CHOICE, DAG NASTY, and 7 SECONDS to create a 21st century call to arms for the positive hardcore world. Musically mixing hard moshes, circle pitting speed, melodic breaks, and catchy sing-a-longs, DIEHARD YOUTH bring back the spirit of early youth crew bands. Ideologically, DIEHARD YOUTH illuminate some of the world's social and ethical injustices, urge kids to support their local scene, and focus on self-improvement and bettering the world around you.

DIEHARD YOUTH will appear on a split release with VA's DEAD SERIOUS due out in February 2002. The band will be entering the studio in December 2001 to begin work on their debut full length, which is tentatively scheduled to be released by summer 2002.