Philadelphia's HOW IT ENDS have mixed brutal metallic riffs and pummeling hardcore assaults with notions of sludge and doom to create a masterpiece of war torn sounds and apocalyptic sonic textures. Complete with tortured vocals, relentless percussion pounding, and unbridled heaviness, HOW IT ENDS fulfill their mission of overcoming your faculties. With meticulously flawless production, one can not walk away from experiencing this record without being totally impressed upon by the band's ambitious ferocity.

HOW IT ENDS will be employing their east coast work ethic and hitting the road hard in spring 2003 to support this release. They will be matching up with both prominent metal and hardcore bands to reach all those who they know will embrace their music.

"So Shall It Be" is the sonic prophetic warning to all that the arms of the apocalypse are closing in. Embrace this record and take up your armor.