After times of broken slap basses and countless nights in jail... MAD SIN has returned with "SWEET AND INNOCENT?...LOUD AND DIRTY!!"

This fourpiece from Germany serves up the 100% pure rockin' power, rollin' to the wild Punkabilly rhythm, drinking whisky to the mournful country prison blues & re-igniting the Rock 'n' Roll fire to end them all. Bow down to the hotrod racers, the truck stop wasters, the drive-in crazies, the juke-joint hellraisers. MAD SIN has toured the world with bands such as U.S. BOMBS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, FAITH NO MORE MISFITS, GWAR, and more.

This record showcases the extraordinary cross-polinization of rockabilly, punk rock, classical Hardcore and a lot of psychobilly, which quickly became the trademark of the quartet. So dive into the psychobilly hell billy beat of MAD SIN. Expect their debut on THORP in stores late fall 2005. The CD Version will also include and enhanced video Track for "All This and More".