Arizona's North Side Kings formed in late 1999 out of disgust towards all the P. C. bullshit bands that were being lumped into what is called "hardcore." Through the years North Side Kings have made their presence known across the world with their no holds barred attitude and their blunt honesty. Often and easily offensive, this band carries no middle ground. They are either really despised or extremely well liked. But, whatever opinions run rapid, they are one of the most talked about hardcore bands today. This is real deal hardcore, straight forward and to the point. There is nothing poetic about NSK's lyrics, nor do they attempt to hide the fact that the music they play is "caveman friendly."

NSK have released three full lengths and a split record with the U. K.'s Stampin Ground, all available on Thorp Records. Besides that, a cover of D.R.I.'s "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" on the Malt Soda Records Tribute album., tracks on Hard Working Music Volume 1 and 2, Hot Topic's Hard Working Music Comp, The War Music Comp from Stillborn and Thorp Records that was exclusive at the 2004 Hellfest, and a shit load more. Their last release "Organizing Our Neighborhood" is on it's second pressing and is available worldwide. It also includes a CD ROM video with live footage from tours and other amusing stuff. A new full length and a DVD are in the works for 2005.

Because of their diversity, North Side Kings have been able to share the stage with acts such as Terror, Soulfly, Hatebreed, Poison The Well, Clutch, Madball, Death Threat, The Dropkick Murphy's, Will Haven, Agnostic Front, Striking Distance, Rapid Fire, Comeback Kid, Vision of Disorder, Pressure Point, Kill Your Idols, Metal Church, Throwdown, Scars of Tomorrow, H20, 25 Ta Life, Blood Stands Still, Curl up and Die, Punishment, Joe Coffee, and the list goes on...

So - If you are sick of today's weak and scared pussy hardcore acts that have been polluting our youth for the last few years, North Side Kings may be your answer. If you are looking to roll around on the floor and cry like a little girl - well you might as well go to a different website. This is music that makes you want to raise your glass and beat someone's teeth out all at the same time!