On The Outside

From Portland, Maine erupts On the Outside with the force of a hand grenade. Recording a 5 song demo/ep in late 2004, they wasted no time spreading the good word, jumping on the bill with bands such as Bane, With Honor, Outbreak, Donnybrook, and Colin of Arabia.

Refusing to be contained, On the Outside forgo any classification by combining the most appealing elements of influences ranging from Madball and Leeway, to Biohazard and Pantera. Attention grabbing, well written songs and sweat soaked, introspective lyrics are what set this band apart. On the Outside stands alone in all aspects of its existence. With their unique blend of metal and hardcore influences, both classic and modern, they bring energy to a new level making it impossible to keep yourself from singing along or pounding your fist.

vocals: kyle tranten | guitar: chris linkovich | guitar: steve scala | bass: marcus bailey | drums: nate manning