Paint The Town Red

Paint the Town Red, formed in the winter of 2001, have been making their presence known in the European hardcore community by recruiting the masses of lost and beaten down, ever since their first show. With a solid foundation of the hardcore sounds of the last decade, (Turmoil and Unbroken) and a mix of modern hardcore passion and fury (think a heavier early American Nightmare or even more pissed off Bane), Paint the Town Red have started to carve their own prison-style- tattoo in the hearts of many. With lyrical inspiration ranging from Bruce Springsteen to the Clash, Paint the Town Red call for the rise of the underclass, the under privileged, the beaten down, and the lost kids. Paint the Town Red songs are motivated not by trends, pointless broken hearts, or vanity. They are a call to arms, a battle-cry, an anthem for self-empowerment. So don’t be fooled. Paint the Town Red are not this year’s hardcore fashion, unlike others, there’s a lot more here than just some mosh parts and bad make up.

This is a band made of dedicated individuals. Members own and run various European based record labels and booking agencies, not only providing a fresh breath to the European hardcore community but also giving back by supporting their own. Based on the solid foundation of friendship between founding guitarist Christoph Zehetleitner and singer/propagandist Marco Walzel, Paint the Town Red have endured line up changes that would break most bands up (including ex members of My Hero Died Today, Under Siege, Teamkiller and La Pa Force). But these changes have only made the band mature musically and solid. With Marco Kärger from Munich´s indie outfit Flywatter on guitar and Nanouk from Costas Cake House on drums, they are taking it to the next level.

Having toured Europe many times and shared the stage with some of the most amazing hardcore acts (Converge, The Promise, Champion, The Hope Conspiracy, Avail, Stretch Arm Strong, Nine, Boy Set Fire, etc.) Paint the Town Red is proving they are a live rock force to be reckoned with. A five-man army of raised fists. Louder, Meaner, and Faster. With their uncompromising touring, passion, and hardcore sense of community (so rare in hardcore these days), Paint the Town Red show why they have the determination and conviction to remain the last gang in town.