PowerpointTM is an organization that is paving the way for leadership in today's marketplace.

Using its patented mix of mosh-driven strategies and proven guitar-driven results, PowerpointTM provides blended solutions to businesses and customers looking to gain a financial edge in these crucial times, while promoting equity in the scene

The PowerpointTM staff of presenters has combined decades of experience working at Fortune 500 corporations such as Jawfaker Inc., Shogun Enterprises Ltd, Five Day Messiah Industries, The Dartanian Group, and Lakota Corp.

With franchise branches in New York, Denver, and San Francisco, PowerpointTM has a strong national presence and plans on expanding its brand even further through the continued use of positive lyrical delivery and strategic marketing breakdowns targeted at a core audience.

Contact PowerpointTM today to setup a presentation and learn how your team can put the core in corporationTM.


"What's The Point? Powerpoint!"
from their upcoming Thorp Records debut

(Click here for lyrics)


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