Pride Kills

PRIDE KILLS has been cultivated from the dry heat of Texas and has been mastering their tough-as-nails assault of hardcore since 2001. Having completed a national tour, as well as receiving amazing reviews for their debut EP, "Life of Hate" (Carjacker Records), PRIDE KILLS is now ready to step it up.

PRIDE KILLS is the cure for the anti-scenester. They have no regard for current fashion-core trends, musical trends, or expected notions of what hardcore should be at any given time. The only 'climate' they pay attention to is their own - and that climate is clean, brutal, metallic hardcore with plenty of heaviness, meaty breakdowns, and harsh shouting. PRIDE KILLS mixes the ferocity of HATEBREED, the harsh smack of reality represented by COLD AS LIFE, and layered with the brutality of SWORN ENEMY.

PRIDE KILLS are poised to take over in 2004. They will be on the road this summer with BAD LUCK 13, SKARE TACTIC, and PUNISHMENT.

Get into it.