What formed out of 5 kids from Philly just trying to rock out, and play music they all could enjoy, has turned into something more -- yet all the while keeping the same ethic that ignited them. Within months of practicing hard, PUNISHMENT were out every weekend playing locally; building the skills in their live performance that would soon enough take them across the country. They have been and will always be a live band. With four U.S. tours under their belt, they have quickly made a name for themselves within the scene. Their strongest attribute is without a doubt their unrelenting drive. They have survived continually lineup changes and a continuing disaster of a record deal. They made it through hardships while on the road that would have turned back and buried most other bands. They have kept the band rolling with a determination to get through the bad times and use those experiences to continue to grow as people and as a band. Some people file them in the metalcore category, while others have chosen to write them off as another tough guy band. PUNISHMENT are both and neither at the same time.

They are tough, and at times, they are metal, but they are much more. PUNISHMENT and the personalities involved lend a street-wise credibility to their music, a friendly punch in the arm to their message, and hardcore loyalty to the scene that shaped them that transcend any genre divisions. With the upcoming release of their sophomore full length "Broken But Not Dead" on THORP, PUNISHMENT will prove not only their love for hardcore and it's D.I.Y. diehard ethics, but they will also demonstrate that they have grown and brought together a fresh blend of heavy guitars with metallic overtones crossed with the needed speed and anger of NYHC. PUNISHMENT will continue to accomplished much from their blood, sweat and tears well into 2003 and beyond.