REFUSE RESIST was formed in 2007 by Mike Barone (guitar), John Mehlman (drums) and Shawn Refuse (vocals) to do one thing. Play the music they love. They pull their influences from many different genres and combine them into a sound that is both new and familiar. Upon first listen it's obvious that they are true to their Massachusetts roots. Growling vocals, ripping guitars, deep bass and wild drums are heard on every track this band produces.

In 2010, Refuse Resist enlisted Boston Hardcore veteran guitarist Steven Risteen to the band. Steve is most known for his work in Slapshot. He brings an energy and excitement to the stage that is unparalleled. They also added yet another new bass player to the mix. Jamie Payette has played in bands around Massachusetts for close to a decade. He is also in the Massachusetts band Yesterday's Heroes.

Keep an eye out for them around your area. Get off the computer and go to a show.

"Not many bands can release a full album within a year of starting out, even fewer release an album this strong. Every song is filled with fist-pumping goodness, and quickly gets to the point, smacks you with it, and then moves on. Shawn Refuse's singing blends beautifully, yet maliciously with every aspect of the music backing him. The guitars are crunching, the bass is wild, and the drums are quite furious. All combined, it's almost as if The Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedys and Blood For Blood got together and had a bunch of bastard children called Refuse Resist."
- Ron Sprague / Motif Magazine (RI)

For Fans Of: Minor Threat, DYS, Slapshot, Blood for Blood, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks

Shawn Refuse: Vocals
Mike Barone: Guitar
Steve Risteen: Guitar
Jamie Payette: Bass
John Mehlman: Drums


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Refuse Resist, Socialized, available now on Thorp Records


MP3: "One Life"
MP3: "Middle America"
Both from Socialized


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Release date: Feb 9, 2010