Imagine a sonic train wreck that collides SHEER TERROR with JUDGE, forging the vocal style of the former with the musical style of the latter, and allow that wreck to take place in Germany, and you have successfully imagined the constructs of RYKER'S. RYKER'S have been terrorizing Europe with their flawless brand of classic, traditional hardcore for the past six years. They have shared the stage with such archetypal acts as SICK OF IT ALL, BIOHAZARD, BREAKDOWN, and AGNOSTIC FRONT. Their fourth full length, "Life's A Gamble...So Is Death", offers eighteen tracks of arm-swinging, ground stomping, mid-tempo hardcore that has made RYKER'S the MADBALL of Europe. Now, "Life's A Gamble..." will storm the U.S. in an effort to familiarize America with its consistent, solid style of straight-to-the-point hardcore.