Scars Of Tomorrow

Orange County's SCARS OF TOMORROW have been taking over the west coast metal/hardcore scene in the past few years and have earned their way to being a consistent headliner drawing over 400 kids to their shows regularly. Having been spawned from the same scene that has brought the world EIGHTEEN VISIONS, TAKEN, BLEEDING THROUGH, and THROWDOWN, it is clear that SCARS OF TOMORROW have achieved the status of holding their own along side their contemporaries. Their 2002 debut "All Things Change" won mass critical praise and has had kids talking about them on message boards and at shows. After a successful tour and playing various west coast Warped Tour dates thanks to their supporters at, SCARS has built a sturdy fanbase on which to drop their newest masterpiece, "Design Your Fate".

"Design Your Fate" intensifies the heaviness of their early material while treading new ground and eliminating old boundaries. This record boasts sharp production, relentless musicianship, and untold of sonic brutality. The band continues to maintain their sense of metallic melody amongst the massive heaviness they have come to be associated with.

The first step to designing your musical fate is to indulge yourself heavily in listening to this record and knowing that you are damn well better because of it.

"If you can imagine a hybrid consisting of the mosh of Hatebreed, the driving/danceable hardcore rhythm of Integrity, and the guitar work of Darkest Hour, you'll have an idea of what SOT sounds like."