Sheer Terror are one of NYC's most notorious hardcore punk bands, as well as one of the nations most unlikely cult heroes. Lauded in the world of underground music for their brutal honesty, as well as condemned by the same community for exactly the same reason, this DVD only scrapes the well-worn surface of the legendary NYHC band.

SHEER TERROR has delivered some of the most lyrically-poetic, musically punishing, and thematically heartbroken recordings ever known to hardcore. SHEER TERROR has created a career of inciting thugs to beat the hell out of each other to the back drop of love songs (that they most likely weep along to in private) made the way SHEER TERROR frontman Paul Bearer has seen fit.

Before the malls, MTV, and the internet, stripped modern punk of it's heart and soul, hardcore was a fiercly wild and unpredictable form of truly underground music. Skinheads, punks, metalheads, drug addicts, straight-edgers and and other assorted freaks of nature would all gather at Sunday matinee shows at CBGB's and other hell-hole clubs around the world.

Even in those days, Sheer Terror stood apart from the pack and offered up an unforgiving brutal hardcore sound that influenced bands such as HATEBREED, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, PANTERA and more. With live performances bordering on prison riots, Sheer Terror created a legacy in both music and uncompromising lyrical vision that very few bands could ever hope to match.

Sheer Terror - Beaten By The Fists of GodOn October 9th and 10th of 2004, Sheer Terror played two final sold-out shows at CBGB with the core lineup of Paul Bearer (vocals), Mark Neuman (guitar), Mike "Chickie" Walter (bass) and Patrick Cronin (drums). Those shows were recorded and are documented in "Beaten By The Fists Of God," coming May 10th, 2005 on THORP RECORDS. This DVD also showcases a full documentary and the history of the band with exclusive band member interviews, vintage show footage, a music video for "Broken" and commentary by members of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, SICK OF IT ALL, LIFE OF AGONY, DROPKICK MURPHYS, NORTH SIDE KINGS and THE RAMONES. The release also features a live audio CD of the memorable 10/10/04 reunion show at CBGB's.