Striking Distance

Straight out of Washington D.C. come the new kings of harDCore, STRIKING DISTANCE. These boys play hardcore raw, fast, and furious, the way it was meant to be played. Each song a perfect soundtrack to outlet the anger and rage brought on by the daily trudge through the knee deep shit we call life, delivered with the passion and fury of someone who believes in what they are saying and has the experience to back it up. The music is tight and rabid. No youth crew anthems, no jockstrap metal, and no emo sob festival. This is no-frills hardcore, angry and in your face. If you are looking for tough guy posturing or holier than thou posi-preaching, look somewhere else. STRIKING DISTANCE exist on their own terms. Using a solid hardcore ethic and no bullshit approach, STRIKING DISTANCE are winning over true hardcore fans everywhere. With a 7 on Vicious Circle Records, the upcoming CD/LP 'March to Your Grave' on Thorp Records (due summer 2001, vinyl released by Youngblood records), and a split 7" on Youngblood records with Carry On (due Fall 2001), these guys are here to stay. The upcoming CD/LP was recorded and produced by Brian McTernan (Count Me Out, Snapcase, Reach the Sky, In My Eyes) of Salad Days Studios.

STRIKING DISTANCE is putting real DC hardcore back on the map and making it a threat again. This is not hardcore for the bloated scene fat cats, this is hardcore for those who love hardcore, plain and simple.