Sugar Daddie

Philadelphia's SUGAR DADDIE have been playing on and off in the Philly area for about 8 years. After a long period of inactivity, they re-banded early 2002 and wrote new material, as well as playing out consistently with the likes of CLUTCH, MURPHY'S LAW, ALABAMA THUNDER PUSSY, BAD LUCK 13 and BIOHAZARD.

SUGAR DADDIE play punk-inspired, groove-laden, grease monkey rock with a redneck swagger. With poetic rhymes of drunken glories and muscle car fun, SUGAR DADDIE bring the rock with the weight of a cinder block and the sparkle of a hot rod. Their music is a sweaty testimony to the power of the sordid fusion of hardcore and dirty, swamp-boogied rock. Their THORP debut full length, titled "Hell Or High Water" will hit the streets in November 2002. Renowned tattooist and singer for the BAD LUCK 13 RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA, Jason Goldberg, will be doing the cover art. Orion Landau of Relapse Records (Nile, Alabama Thunderpussy, etc.) will be handling the layout and art direction.

SUGAR DADDIE will appeal to fans of CLUTCH, SCISSORFIGHT, CIRCUS OF POWER, JESUSEATER and NASHVILLE PUSSY, as well as fans of hardcore bands such as SHEER TERROR and MURPHY'S LAW. Expect SUGAR DADDIE to stand up and be counted in 2002, 2003 and beyond, as they represent the "Drunken Slob Kids". Let the rubber hit the asphalt, amen.