The Ducky Boys

"The Ducky Boys and Dropkick Murphys share along history together. We put out our first single together and we've done lots of touring together. Today I still stand by my opinion that no other band we've played with recieves the kind of live responce the Ducky Boys evoke from their rabid fan base!"
-- Ken Casey, Dropkick Murphys

The Ducky Boys formed in 1995 in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. After overcoming incredible odds the Ducky Boys took their street level rock n' roll national by 1999 and toured the country with such acts as Dropkick Murphys, Oxymoron, the US Bombs, the Distillers and Blanks 77. The band went into hibernation before 2000 and only made sporadic appearances in the Northeast over the next few years. Founding members Mark Lind and Jason Messina decided to celebrate their 8th anniversary as a band with a full on comeback with plans to make a new record and become active again. With the addition of Douglas Sullivan and Steve Young, the Ducky Boys are stronger than ever with a unified message and goal.

The Ducky Boys take inspiration from the music of Bruce Springsteen, Social Distortion, Rancid, the Clash, the Replacements and a dozen more rock n' roll greats and combine it with their own experience and perspective to make a sound of their own that has gone on to influence other great bands in recent years. Their last CD, Dark Days, on GMM RECORDS, holds a special place in the heart of many and the Ducky Boys aim to pick up where that record left off and add more to the soundtrack of their lives and the lives of those who have supported them.

"A lot has changed in the past six years since we did Dark Days." says vocalist/guitarist Mark Lind, "Our lives have changed. Our ability to write and play has changed. Our musical interests have even changed. But the one thing that hasn't is that the Ducky Boys are as honest as a band can be. We come straight from the heart and we lay it out there the way it is in our eyes. That's really what has made us last this long and why we still connect with people after so many years."

After over 6 years the Ducky Boys are back with a new full length CD coming in November 2004 on THORP RECORDS. The CD is comprised of songs that have been written over the past 6 years for what would become an inevitable Ducky Boys comeback. They range from classic cuts from the live show such as "Boston USA" and "For the Underdogs" to more recent additions like "Break Me" and "Fight".

Mark Lind - vocals/guitar/bass
Douglas Sullivan - guitar/vocals
Jason Messina - drums/vocals