The Wednesdays

From the dark heart of Alabama comes this untamed trio of chaotic fury. The Wednesdays played their first show back in 1988, being children of ages 12, 11, and 9, pounding out original songs with a sonic beauty that stunned those in attendance. This passion still burns as sharp today as it did then. Originally consisting of three brothers, Jamie, Joey and Jeremy Barrier, the Wednesdays used the elements of their upbringing to mold the sound. Choctaw heritage, the devil-may-care swagger of Johhny Cash, the hypnotic repetitive beat of African American spirituals and the explosive live show of a tribe on the warpath, the three brothers began touring houses and basements across America in late 1994, preaching their revival-style rock and roll wherever they went.

After a few early releases, including a live performance made in the Alabama State Penitentiary (the band has played the State Prison more than once!) they released their debut cd, "Midnight Songs In Time of War", for a small label known as Jackson Rubio. Also, a 5 song e.p. was recorded for Tooth and Nail around the same time. The second album, "Fury" , was put out by the band themselves on Arkam Records, featuring production work by the legendary Tim Kerr. After a few U.S. tours and a European tour, the band then did it's third album, "You Will Gasp and They Will Breath", on Reservation Records.

The band has since added another drummer, Zack Hobbs, and sometimes plays with two drummers at once. Smashed gear, blown amps, crowds whipped into white-eyed panic; the live show of the Wednesdays is the core of it all.

Jamie and Joey barrier both play in other bands that continue to tour, record and create: the Pine Hill Haints, the Natchez Shakers, the Quadrajets, the Revelationiest Project and Shoot em Down to name a few. They have recorded with many labels, mainly two great 7" e.p's with Estrus Records. They have toured and crashed on the floors across America countless times and will continue to do so. They bow their head to none and have always ran their own ship.

For fans of Soul music, MC5, Iggy Pop, Bad Brains, early punk or fuzzed out 60's garage, for those who believe in the spirit of Crazy Horse, the Wednesdays invite you to light the fire.

Expect a new full length from THE WEDNESDAYS out on THORP in May 2005.