The Young & The Useless

Florida's THE YOUNG & THE USELESS is a band of four young men who are disenfranchised with the female species and have utilized their alienationby transforming it into a whirlwind of aching progressive metalcore with a distinct spiritual locus of control. THE YOUNG & THE USELESS have not lived up to their name because they play highly useful music that sounds like a cross-polination between Dillinger Escape Plan, Vision of Disorder, Poison the Well, Zao, and even melodic passages drenched with heartbreak that make Saves the Day sound tough. THE YOUNG AND THE USELESS successfully transform their youth, heartbreak, and faith into a diverse eclectic mix of progressive metal/hardcore in a way that will force-feed faith qand hope into even the most severe of broken hearts. THE YOUNG & THE USELESS will have their yet untitled full length for THORP RECORDS see the light of day sometime fall 2001.