Two Minutes Hate

Philadelphia's TWO MINUTES HATE embodied their self-described brand of "blue collared, sonically varied, and poetically constructed collection of heartbroken hardcore laments and post-teen, angst-ridden battle cries" in the late nineties with an overwhelming integrity and prowess. Their fusion of working class hardcore and Oi comes straight from the gut with fire, brimstone, and a truck load of muscle and might. Championing a message of possibility and perseverance in the face of adversity and dignity amongst the indignant ("Perseverance"), TMH also incorporated strong lyrical undertones of doom in regards to the end of days, the apocalypse, and the notion of an inevitable Judgment Day ("Harvest-Rapture").

"Strong And On" is like a union rally cry put to a hardcore song for the purpose of keeping the workers on task as they sweat and toil under the anticipation of the coming apocalypse.