It is not rare for bands to claim that they blend various styles of hardcore, punk, metal and rock together into a unique musical stew that is fresh and new. Many bands do indeed achieve the blend, but rarely, do bands make it sound new, and even more rarely do they make it sound both new and appealing. Boston's ASHERS are a rare band.

Ashers, fronted by Mark Civitarese of THE UNSEEN (Hellcat Records) on vocals, is Boston's new diamond in the rough. Mark's versatility of working in THE UNSEEN, as well as experience lending his vocals to tracks on albums by bands such as A GLOBAL THREAT, BLOOD FOR BLOOD and DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, has made his voice one of the most distinct in the punk and hardcore worlds today.

ASHERS became a band as a result of the chemistry discovered between Mark and Billy Brown of CRASH AND BURN (Thorp Recs) and DEADLY SINS, two bands that became synonymous with the creativity of the Boston scene. Mark and Bill constantly found themselves contributing to each others projects and finally decided to begin a proper full time band together. ASHERS scorches listeners with a vortex of blistering hardcore, dirty rock, anthemic punk, and barroom metal that creates a new flavor altogether for fans of aggressive music. Now joining with THORP RECORDS, the band has just begun their onward march towards introducing the world to a new sense of aggression.

For Fans of: A sonic hurricane that thrashes punk, dirty rock, metal, and thunderous hardcore around wildly as if calm never existed

Mark Unseen - vocals
Billy Brown - lead guitar
Joe Packard - bass
Justin Brooks - guitar
Kasey Rivera - drums


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